Challenge Your Friends to a Battle of Minds


A Closer Look

  • Use the NEW GAME menu to challenge a FRIEND, RANDOM OPPONENT or SEARCH for a player; if they accept, your opponent will start the game by placing one or more tiles on the board. To challenge the built-in bot, select “CHALLENGE ADAMA” – the game is set up instantly.
  • The in-game tutorial takes you through step-by-step how to challenge opponents, how the game is played, how to make winning moves and which moves will be rejected and the other game-play options you have.
  • Within the game there is a CHAT function that allows you to psyche out your opponent and do some valuable reconnaissance work on the enemy! Or just say “Hi”, if you prefer.
  • Game-play alternates between the 2 players. Drag and drop one or more tiles into slots on the board to make formations that win points. All tiles played must share either the same colour or the same shape and they must be part of a single line though they needn’t touch each other. Sounds easy?